Cito Shipping

”Cito” loading at Heerema Vlissingen Project Cargo for the Crane vessel “Sleipnir” at DP in Amoy fjord Norway ,and after discharging loading back to Vlissingen with in the hold the biggest Grommets (Slings)in the world

Summer in the Mediterranean…..

After a lot of voyages with Bulk and general cargo the past year, our cargo broker Wagenborg Shipping came up with a special trip to the Mediterranean. We are going to load a portal harbor crane, one of the biggest cranes build by Konecrane-gottwald. Discharge port will be Iskenderun Turkey. A trip of 15 days […]

Underway sailing

After a few minor adjustments to the foremast, we can now use a sail. When the wind is favorable we hoist the sail, so we can make use of free energy, safe fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. We are currently testing to find out the amount of energy that we are saving wen using the […]

instalation of torque & fuel use meter

VAF instruments b.v  supplied  a optical torque measuring system (“T-Sense”) and fuel monitoring system onboard. with this two monitoring systems we can get a accurate fuel use reading and a exact power output on the propeller shaft. By giving instantaneous read-out of torque, speed and power on a propulsion efficiency monitor, the effects of operational changes are […]