Summer in the Mediterranean…..

After a lot of voyages with Bulk and general cargo the past year, our cargo broker Wagenborg Shipping came up with a special trip to the Mediterranean.

We are going to load a portal harbor crane, one of the biggest cranes build by Konecrane-gottwald.

Discharge port will be Iskenderun Turkey. A trip of 15 days straight.


Here are some specs of the portal harbor crane that will be loaded:


Lifting capacity: 150 MT

Total weight of harbor portal crane: 637,7 MT

Amount of pieces loaded onboard: 40 pcs.

Heaviest single piece: 105 MT


The crane will be loaded in Terneuzen/Westdorpe, at the Mammoet terminal.

Delivered by river barge from Germany.


08-05-2019 07:00 Loading commenced after arrival of the river barge.

Loading and securing wend smoothly due to good preparations by the ships crew.

After loading operations were completed in the cargohold, we closed all the pontoon hatches and continued to distribute lashings and stowage wood on top of the hatches.

We will load 3 heavy, big parts  on the hatches, 2 Jib sections (20MT + 26 MT) and 1 tower (63 MT)


19:05 loading and securing of the deck cargo was also completed, the ship and hare crew prepared to departure.


During our 15 days sailing we had beautiful summer weather!


28-5-2019 We arrived at Iskenderun Turkey at 13:00 local time.


We berthed at pier Atakas, Crew commenced to take the lashings of and prepared to start discharge.

With a weather forecast of 35 C֯  degrees today, it was hot working trough the day.


One of the nice details wen discharging, exactly the same crane we have onboard is discharging our cargo in Iskenderun.


We had a smooth discharge and the next day we set sails, off to our next trip.


The ship will load waste bales in Napoli Italy, Discharge port Rotterdam.


This will be a smelly trip, sailing around with garbage during high summer.

Greeting Crew mv CITO



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