instalation of torque & fuel use meter

VAF instruments b.v  supplied  a optical torque measuring system (“T-Sense”) and fuel monitoring system onboard. with this two monitoring systems we can get a accurate fuel use reading and a exact power output on the propeller shaft.

By giving instantaneous read-out of torque, speed and power on a propulsion efficiency monitor, the effects of operational changes are monitored, this way the ship can sail more fuel efficient and reduces its CO2 emission.

The principle of the T-Sense is measuring torque between two rings mounted on the propeller shaft, in one ring is a light source mounted, and on the other ring a photoelectric sensor.

this photoelectric sensor will register movements of the light source ring. by knowing the distance between the rings and the dimension of the shaft, the torque can be calculated.

for more information see the VAF instruments video by following this link.



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